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The aim of this program is to integrate all faculties and resources in College of Science for interdisciplinary researches. Each department in the College has their own agenda and direction of growth. However, in view of the rapid growth of new scientific findings and technology development, the establishment for a multidisciplinary cooperation platform is ever more important. The International PhD program for Science (IPPS) was started in August 2018 to meet this need.

The program offers students diversified but extensive training in six groups (physics, chemistry, mathematics, biological sciences, biomedical science & medical science and technology, and Synchrotron radiation and neutron beam application). A second major is offered to students when interdisciplinary topics are required in their training. Graduates from this program are expected to meet the high demand for skilled people with comprehensive multidisciplinary training in the science field.



Research Direction

Physics Group:

Theoretical physics, semiconductor technology, nanotechnology, photoelectric material, magnetic  materials and energy technology, etc. 

Chemistry Group:

Biotechnology, green energy, chemical synthesis, chemical analysis, catalysis, environmental analysis, nano-sensors, etc.

Mathematics Group:

Nonlinear analysis and optimization, theoretical operator,discrete mathematics, differential equation, big data analytics, etc.

Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron Bram Application Group:

Magnetoelectric effect, microstructure, neutron diffraction, etc.

Biomedical Science & Medical Science and Technology Group:

Biomedical materials, biomedical calculation simulation, medical device development, etc.

Biological Science group:

Systems biology, biodiversity, ecology, agricultural biology, molecular biology,  biotechnology, etc.