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About our program

    The research based on the synchrotron radiation, or the advanced light source, and neutron source has undergone a rapid development in recent decades. Taiwanese scientists also particiapte in the new wave of this opportunity. In response to the critical need for a highly brilliant synchrotron x-ray source for multidisciplinary experimental research in Taiwan, there will be a new synchrotron radiation, Taiwan Photorn Source (TPS), opening to the academic and scientific communities to conduct the advanced research. The education of young scientists to utilize advanced light and neutron sources is the major aim of this program.

    There are 13 faculties in our campus in this program, including 7 of them being the active users in the field of synchrotron radiation and neutron researches. This program was established under the collaboration with National Synchrotron Radiation Center (NSRRC) in Taiwan to educate and train the manpower of the future scientists facousing on the synchrotron radiation and neutron related research.


Research directions and focuses:

We aim at using advanced light and neutron sources to conduct the the following researches:

1. Analysis the microstructure of the advanced materials

2. Probing the reactions on the surface in microscopic details

3. Probing magneto-electrical effect of the advanced materials

4. probing the quantized photoelectric effect of the advanced materials